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Connected Construction Newsletter explores and documents trends and solutions that help make project delivery in the built sector more connected.


This article aims to uncover some of the underlying reasons why the built sector has failed to produce leading global conglomerates, despite being one of the oldest and largest industries on earth.


Gamification is a promising tool/process that could play an important role in making the built sector more attractive to young, creative talents and the labour market generally – through immersive, engaging, and task-based experiences. This article explores the various ways that Gamification can be applied to various aspects of the built sector value chain.

This article explores how Smart Buildings can leverage Building Information Modeling (BIM) through a Digital Twin Deployment

This article posits that proptech requires a ground-up approach that integrates the three main branches of the real estate: development, sales, and management

This fiction is inspired by the workaholic tendency common in our society today. The pursuit of money has led men down an imbalanced lifestyle. Thus, resulting in misplaced priorities.

Sometimes the words are sought, but ain’t forthcoming, because there’s just not enough words to express love

This article is dedicated to all the focused ones out there, with their face on the grind. Some will call you all sorts, but what they call weakness is the true measure of strength.

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