Stories and Interactions Reshaping the Built Sector

Blaze Connected Construction Series is a live bi-weekly discourse on diverse topics related to construction technology and practices in Africa – streamed live to multiple social media platforms – hosted by me.

My short-form video content spans leadership, tech, and innovation tips within and beyond the built sector. More short-form pieces of video content are still in the pipeline.


These are online presentations to numerous other platforms – BIM Africa, BIM Pakistan, BIM Philippines, BIM Harambee, Chorus Architecture (Cameroon), Nziza Academy (Rwanda), etc.

Drone Technology in Construction

This episode of The Blaze Connected Construction Series features an interview with Engr. Alonge Olusola, a Civil Infrastructure Engineer, Drone Pilot…

Architecture/Construction Practice in Nigeria vs USA

This session explored some of the similarities and differences between Architecture and Construction practices in Nigeria and the USA.

How Much Big Data can the Built Sector Sustainably Consume?

In this session, I played the devil’s advocate to defend the IT sector, while Peter Odoh, a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, defended the built sector, as regards tech infiltration into the industry.

Why the Built Sector Hardly Produces Scalable Businesses

This session aims to uncover some of the underlying reasons why the built sector has failed to produce leading global conglomerates over the years.

So You Can Render, Now What? Are you too software-focused?

This episode of The Blaze Connected Construction Series features an interview with Victoria Ikede, a BIM and Assistant Quality Manager at ATO Architects.

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